April May 2021

These past two months have been extremely busy which is great! We’ve recently been working with One Stop Wellness, which is an app “that empowers employees to improve their lifestyles, productivity and overall well-being. We offer customized programs to drive employee engagement, health and performance through recognition and meaningful interactions.”

So far we have shot and edited several cooking, yoga and mindfulness videos for One Shot Wellness. For the cooking show we covered recipes such as watermelon salad, spring rolls, keto bars, meatloaf, french toast and other healthy fast recipes. The spring rolls and it’s sauce was the best.

We used 3 cameras. One wide angle, one was on a slider and we had an overhead cam. Editing video with 3 cameras takes a little bit more work but it’s worth to see the final product. We are currently done with most of the editing but we need to add music and color grading.

DEKO 37 video production San Antonio also shot several videos for Attorney Candelario Trevino. The videos were shot at Alamo City Studios cyclorama. Most of the videos were for potential clients to know what do to with personal injury claims. Candelario practices in San Antonio and got his Law degree from St.Mary’s University.

Last week Joseph and I shot a surprise 50th birthday party for Vijiya. It went really well. Someone told her about the party so she wasn’t that surprised…but she was surprised about how many people showed up. The event had a Deejay, Indian food, dancing and speeches.

We also shot footage for honey bees. Antonio is a beekeeper who lives in Detroit. He brings his Honey Bees down from Detroit in the fall and picks them up in the spring. Antonio does this so that the colonies do not freeze. We got a lot of cool shots, like the Queen bee, drones, clusters and a baby bee being born.

The video also has tips on how to help honey bees. Plant flowering plants and trees, stay away from plants that have pesticides on them, buy local honey and plant pollen hotels. We were able to capture footage with a drone and three cameras.

Joseph and I both wore bee suits, but since the bees were too interested in pollen, they were being that aggresive.

On the next blog, I will write more about Comet Signs, our new drone flights, streamlinking, a huge shoot I produced, and more videos from One Stop Wellness.

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